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Fashion Deruta Decors.

The Fashion and Design section on is currently a work in progress. Starting in 1995 it has featured the best of Italian fashion and style, offering information about famous designers; clothes, accessories and textile manufacturers; fashion photographers; Italian fashion and beauty magazines, and other related subjects. Building from this base, we are working on a major upgrade, with many new pages and sections, including a special focus on online shopping. All these new features will be posted here in a few weeks and we welcome your suggestions.

Just a bit of history: Fashion and Design on was presented March 1, 2004, at the Milano Collezioni to the fashion public. At the time we did an extensive online search for fashion sites and, although others have claimed to be the first web on Internet dedicated to fashion, as of that date we could not find a single web site dedicated to fashion of any kind. After presenting the Fashion and Design section we went on to add other sections including Shopping, Wine and Food, and Travel and Fun.

Maintaining a web site of this size without resources has been extremely difficult. With the assistance of the fashion houses we've almost completed an update of all the pages dedicated to them. We welcome suggestions from our viewers of other names that deserve a place on the list.

In this Fashion section the most important fashion names in Italy are listed in the section Fashion Houses and Brands. A page is dedicated to each name and includes contact information, a brief history of the house, a photograph of the designer when it's a "name" house, as well as pictures showing the style of the house. The Manufacturers, Accessories, and Beachwear and Lingerie pages list the names and contacts for the most important companies in those categories.

We receive many letters from aspiring fashion designers and/or young men and women who would like to become either designers or find work in the fashion industry. To help and encourage them we've added a new page called So You Want To Become A Fashion Designer? and hope you find it useful. Many young women who would like to become fashion models may find inspiration in So You Want To Become A Model? Advice From A Mom along with useful advice.

Other pages are devoted to Art Exhibits (anyone interested in fashion should see as many museums and exhibits as possible), Fashion Publications, Fashion Photographers, Organizations, Schools, and Textiles.

We'll be happy to add new sections depending on your suggestions. And if you want to support this web please consider visiting our advertisers. We appreciate the support that you have shown Fashion and Design as well as and are very grateful. 


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