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One of the biggest open secret of Hindi cinema Madhur Bhandarkar is that making the same movie again and again. All he did was take the same character and seeded in an ugly world and just change the settings. The only twist in this story is a microcosm that he drew a parallel with all the problems of the world. So it can Page 3 parties (Page 3), traffic signals (Traffic Signal), a political party (Satta), business (the Company) or dance bar (Chandani Bar), you can not fault a Madhur Bhandarkar film. This time Bhandarkar talks about life in the world of high fashion.
Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) is a small town when they arrived. This girl lands up in Mumbai Chandigarh to become a model … no correction, it’s a supermodel. There are no real obstacles in the way when the current ‘show stoppers’ Shonali city center of attention but may be addicted to drugs and alcohol combined with his wayward lifestyle has begun its downfall. Meghna allegedly climbed a ladder to success but not before going through his share of struggles in which he had to do advertising clothing, schmooze in the party for money, among others.
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Fashion starting from a small town girl Meghna Mathur with (Priyanka Chopra) who aspires to be a supermodel much against the wishes of her parents (Raj Babbar & Kiran Juneja). He has a cup of struggle before walking the street and managed to reach the top of succcess. Success gave birth to arrogance and inturn cause its collapse. But he was not prepared to accept such a fate. Structuring and writing the screenplay by Madhur Bhandarkar, Anuradha Tiwari and Ajay Monga simultaneosly run the story of three models Meghna (Priyanka Chopra), Shonali (Kangana Ranaut) and Janet (Mughda Godse). Describing Meghna’s rise, fall and compromise Shonali Janet. At the same time which throws light on the reality of striking the prevailing fashion industry – casting couch, gay designers, wild lifestyle of models, clothing malfunction, manipulation of the head honchos and attitude problems. Niranjan Iyengars great dialogue. Mahesh Limayes cinematography captures the essence of fashion world.The near perfect scenario, except to get a bit boring in the end. Priyanka emit a great performance and can be one of the best. Kangana Ranaut is the surprise package, except for a short role. Mughda Godse was very confident. Arbaaz Khan is to resist the cold act.Samir Soni has good.Suchitra Pillai and Kitu Gidwani add the sprinklers with their presence. Ashwin Mushran and Arjan Bajwa have done quite well.
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