Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rose Pictures.

Rose Pictures
Red Rose

Our rose pictures are by far the most popular of our flower pictures. We have red, white, yellow, pink and purple roses, photographed outdoors in sunlight. The classic beauty of roses adds an elegant touch to any project.

Lily Pictures

We have several varieties of lilies, including brilliant tigerlilies, lovely calla lilies, and the beautiful and rare purple Magic Lily.

Tulip Pictures
Purple Tulip

Purple, red, yellow and pink tulips growing around a small pond, photographed in a diffuse light. Some of these tulips are shown against a background of ferns and foliage, others with the dark water of the pond behind them.

Hibiscus Pictures
Red Hibiscus

Spectacular closeup pics of hibiscus flowers in red, white, yellow, orange and pink.

Iris Pictures
Glowing Iris

Brilliant purple irises shown from a variety of angles, including closeups of the interior of the iris and blooming irises so bright they almost seem to glow.

Orchid Pictures
Spathoglottis Plicata Orchid

We have pale pink orchids with soft petals and a delicate, elegant beauty, and deep purple orchids with starburst-shaped outer petals.

Pictures of Bougainvillaeas
Pink Bougainvillaea

Pics showing dense clusters of pink, purple and white bougainvillaeas, shown against the background of their foliage or silhouetted against the sky.

Plumeria Pictures
2 Hot Pink Plumeriae

These pink and white plumeria flowers, also known as frangipani, have pinwheel-like petals curled at the edges, arranged in a perfect spiral pattern.

Dahlia Pictures
Sunlit Pink Dahlia 1

Dahlia pictures - pictures of pink dahlias in sunlight and diffuse light, and an orange dahlia.

Snapdragon Pictures
Pink Snapdragons 3

Pictures of snapdragons with their densely clustered ruffled petals in pink, blue, and rich velvety scarlet, photographed in the sunlight.

Wildflowers Pictures
Purple Wildflowers

Various wildflowers, including borage, indian paintbrush, strawberry flowers, blackberry flowers, and a number of unidentified weeds and other wildflowers.

Misc Flowers Pictures
Purple Foxgloves 2

A wide variety of miscellaneous flowers, including foxgloves, begonias, poinsettias, California poppies, birds of paradise, bottlebrushes, and pea flowers.

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Pictures of FlowersFree Flower Pictures from Free Nature Pictures - In the springtime, the area around Fort Bragg is teeming with beautiful flowers in bloom. It was a great time to get into flower photography, and we have lots of beautiful pictures of flowers in the bright spring sunlight, taken when I lived in Fort Bragg. Flowers have been one of my favorite subjects ever since.
free flower picturesWe've tried to categorize our pics according to each type of flower, but there are so many kinds around here that it is hard to keep track. If you know the name of a flower we have not identified, please let us know! We also have flower images from New Mexico, Queensland Australia, and the Denver Botanical Gardens. These are by far the most popular of our nature pictures as you can see from the Facebook "likes," and we hope you'll enjoy them and share them with your friends too!

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