Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dress Like Amy Pond...

How to Dress Like Amy Pond From
'Doctor Who' {Whitout Cosplaying}

Based on , I gather that there are a good number of Whovians populating the site. And as all of you probably know, the show returns on August 27th, otherwise known as the day I abandon Lovelyish to completely immerse myself in the fandom. If there's one thing I've appreciated about the past two series, aside from the glorious collaboration of Matt Smith and Steven Moffat, it's Karen Gillan's distinctive wardrobe. For the non-Doctor Who fans reading this post, Karen plays Amy Pond, a bossy redhead who travels through time and space in leather jackets and miniskirts. While it might be a few years (or millennia) before we engage in extraterrestrial ass-kicking, Amy's wardrobe is quite easy to recreate here on Earth. I've collected a few shopping ideas to get you started. You can also click through the photo gallery linked below to see the images that inspired these outfits. 

I should clarify that these outfits aren't exact copies of what Karen wears on the show. This is a style inspiration post, not a cosplay post, so I tweaked the color scheme a little to lend the homage a little subtlety. That being said, you can't emulate Amy Pond without forgoing pants. Yeah, Amy wears jeans on occasion, but fanboys from here on out will always remember her as the Doctor's leggiest companion. Since most of the settings onDoctor Who are a little chilly, Amy balances out her love for short shorts with cuddly sweaters, ball-busting leather jackets, and sheer tights. 

One of my favorite things about Amy's style is that she can pull off the tomboyish look without diminishing her sex appeal. When she's not wearing a leather jacket, she's usually rocking a boyfriend sweater or a loose-fitting sweater dress with combat boots. The short dresses and skirts might be impractical, but I'll give credit to the wardrobe department for giving Ms. Gillan appropriate shoes. 

This outfit is inspired by the one Amy wore in "The Time of Angels." If you want, you can add a skirt to the outfit and wear the sweater dress as a sweater, the way Amy did throughout that episode. 

Amy wears a lot of reddish hues, probably to signify her feisty personality (as if the red hair weren't enough). Red's not my favorite color, hence all the blue in this post (for the TARDIS, of course), but I love that she runs around in a good old pair of Chuck Taylors. If I were still in school, I'd wear this outfit to class. It's casual yet a little sexy, thanks to the leather jacket and the black miniskirt. 

This last outfit has all the elements of a basic Amy Pond ensemble: oversized, boyish top, short skirt, and edgy footwear. It's a little 1990s-looking, but the 90s are in right now anyway, right? Are you excited for the return of the show later this month? How do you feel about Amy's style? 

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