Sunday, May 6, 2012

Makeup for the Office FASHION, ..

In addition to the formal dress code is still a lot of nuances that need to comply with all employees of the office. Too much makeup can make you look gaudy, older, and even like you are on the prowl. The biggest thing to remember in the workplace is to keep things professional in your dress, in your conduct, in your relationship with your coworkers, and in your cosmetic presentation. Workplace is a professional place and you look should reflect the same to make a mark.  Try to keep things as professional as possible, be it your attire, your behavior, relations with others or even your makeup. Here are some great day makeup ideas that will help you get your makeup at work place right.

Office Make up look for Monday
Office Make up look for Tuesday

Office Make up look for Wednesday
Office Make up look for Thursday
Office Make up look for Friday

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