Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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You have met the dream man in your life, and you are happy over it. Finding your dream person and than getting into relation with him too is just like a great treasure for women. This means you have found a profound happiness of your life. You have found the one person completes your life. You are talking to him all the time, spending all time with him, yet you find that you are not having enough.

You people share so many common habits and interests. Yet after a point of time you find yourself being dejected by him. You find that he is no more same. He is not giving you same amount of time, not returning your texts and trying to remain away. This is a terrifying situation that comes into relation for every woman. Have you ever tried to find out what makes this happen?

I can bet each and every woman has faced this situation in her life at least once and for some this is something that happens every time. They actually need to figure out that what is such in them that take man away from them after sometime. Why do not man wants to stay in long term relationship with them?

Here I am writing about the top three mistakes made by any woman who looses her love. Figure out what you had been doing yet that was reason of your failure to win your dream man.

Overly Changing You Accordingly:

Is it something like you are changing yourself completely for him? That means you are adopting habits or things that are being liked by him just because you want to be liked by him. You are doing whatever he does even though you yourself do not like it? You are trying to show that you are eager to adopt everything that is part of his life and he knows it that you do not like it actually.

Or it may be like you are always trying to make him comment over you. You are constantly pressurizing him to say and express about how he feels for you? This is done only to know that if you are important for him or not.

This is a killing habit- stop it. You are giving him just an impression of being insecure. Yes this is giving an impact of unsecured woman, who always needs a surety into her life. Even if a man really loves you he would want you to feel yourself important even without him so he would move away from you.

No Limits:

You are strongly hurt by whatever he just did- yet you cover up your expressions and start acting like if nothing happened. This means you have taken a step towards separation of you two. If you behaved so he will continue doing this and eventually would feel that you have no standards for yourself and would treat you the same way you treat yourself, that is just like a useless thing.

Blind Trust in Your Man:

You immediately shown your blind trust over him and explained each and every intimate details of your life to him and that’s when even he does not ask you to. This is going to make him feel that you are not reliable enough as you would be doing the same with every man, would have blindly believed him.

Do not show this to him. Don’t discuss about any intimate details of your life until and unless you get into a long term relationship and he himself shows interest in knowing about you and your life. If you told everything before time you will be on loosing end. And the loss will be unbearable that is loosing your dream man.

Find these reasons out in your life and try to avoid them in future so that next time you do not face this great loss in your life.

Happy time in long term relation with your man.

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