Sunday, September 11, 2011

Improve Your Body Language

Body language and gestures makes the first impression of your personality as you socialize. Try out these simple tips to improve your body language and get social.

They say that the first impression is the last impression. Your body language and your gestures make that first impression of yours every time you meet someone for the first time.

Making a good impression on anyone is the first thing that one should think of before meeting someone. Whether you meet someone individually or in a group, your body language and gestures tell about grooming and background.

  • Improve your Body Language

The first and foremost rule to improve your body language is to be natural. Don’t boast to be nice and polite, rather be nice to everyone naturally. This would send out positive energy to the other person and you surely will receive the same in return because he/she would be happy to see you this way.

  • Standing and Sitting Posture

Keep your posture straight while standing or sitting. Keep your legs and arms in right position so that you don’t look uncivilized.

  • Use of Hands

Make less use of your hands while talking. Swinging your hands all the time while talking makes you feel uncomfortable and confused about what you are talking about.

  • Use Eyes

Try to convey the message through your eyes. Use your eyes to express your say. This will make a great impression on the listener(s). They would become more attentive towards you. Creating gestures through eyes implies that you are intelligent and confident about your opinions.

  • Practice in Front of Mirror

Another way to improve your body language is to practice in front of the mirror everyday for a few minutes. This will make you understand your body gestures and will make it easier for you to convey.

  • Neck Position

Always keep your neck in an upright position. It really makes an impression on the listener(s). Always keep your say to the point, simple and easy to understand. Keep your tone low so as not to give an impression as if you want to dominate the others.

The art of body language and gestures is the most important thing in your personality. Improving it can only be achieved through practice. So keep a note of these points as you socialize in the society

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