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Antique Desk Specialists Antique Desks - Antique Desk Chairs.

Antique Desk Specialists
Antique Desks - Antique Desk Chairs
Antique Writing Tables - Antique Library Tables

We specialise quality English antique desks, antique desk chairs, writing tables and library tables. Our antique office furniture is in good original condition or sympathetically restored by expert antique restorers.
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We stock antique desks in all sizes and from most English Periods; Regency, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. Our antique desks, writing tables, library tables and chairs come in many styles such as large partners desks, pedestal desks, kneehole desks, writers desks, secretary desks. We have desks and tables in Oak, Walnut, Burr Walnut and Rosewood. All of our antique office furniture for sale is chosen for its quality, its serviceability and its style. 
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We only sell genuine antique desks, tables and chairs not reproductions.

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Try Before You Buy?
We offer an 'On Approval' service for you to try our antique desks and writing tables
in your home or office before you buy.
Why Buy from Burrells Antique Desks? 
We are antique dealers first and foremost not just 'sellers of online antique furniture'. With over 35 years in the antique business we know the knowledge and expertise to select only the best quality furniture and know how to expertly restore our pieces to enhance their value. We specialise in antique desks, writing tables and chairs and as such have years of experience in buying, restoring and selling such furniture. We know what to look for when buying with the customer in mind and keep to very good quality, serviceable pieces that are not excessive in price.
Why Buy an Antique Desk?
Antique desks and writing tables can be a great investment and will last you a lifetime if looked after. Although not guaranteed they often do increase in value over the longer term. So at some point in the future you could cash in your investment or pass it on as a family heirloom.
During the last 30 or so years good quality large mahogany and oak desks have always been popular and sought after. Desks in good condition and not over restored will always return the seller a substantial price after years of use and enjoyment. 
Another advantage is of course to benefit of having a beautiful piece of well made furniture gracing your office or study. If you are furnishing business premises large impressive antique furniture gives your office a very substantial, mature and weighty feel, promoting a sense confidence, centuries of tradition and therefore financial security, even if you set up in business yesterday!

Try Before You Buy?

We offer an 'On Approval' service for you to try our antique desks and writing tables in your home or office before you buy. If you like the desk or table but would prefer another writing leather we can arrange for a replacement in any colour and style you would like.
If you are not sure which type of desk is best for you why not check our advice on choosing? We also offer the try before you buy option so if you are not sure about a desk and would like to see it in its position ask us to bring it to you to see if its is the right one. We do have a good selection beautiful antique desks and it can be difficult to choose. We do specialise in large antique partners desks for the traditional or classically styled office or study but we also have antique writing tables which are also a great style statement in any office or study and will be a beautiful finishing touch to your room.
Why Choose Antique Office Furniture?Furnishing your office or home study with antique office furniture can be a great investment as antique desks, antique writing tables library tables and chairs will last you a lifetime and can increase their value over the longer term. If you are furnishing your business office antique office furniture also has the added advantage of promoting a sense confidence, of tradition, financial security and business success even if you set up in business yesterday!
At Burrell's Antique Desks, you will find a good selection of antique desks, antique partners desks, antique writing tables and library tables that are available to trade and private customers in the UK and worldwide. As specialists in antique office furniture we make sure that our customers have the very best quality desks, tables and chairs that are available in the UK today.
Antique writing tables and antique library tables are a good alternative to the antique desk if you are looking for something that is perhaps more versatile and portable in its uses. They are often easier to place in the home or study, look beautiful and are very generous on working surface area. Traditionally antique writing tables would be used in the office, in addition to the antique desk, for office meetings and for additional storage and working space. Antique library tables or partners tables would often be found in solicitors or barristers chambers or libraries and typically offer drawers on both sides of the table.
We have a lovely selection of very good quality antique writing tables and library tables with attractive leather writing surfaces can be changed to suit your décor or preference at a small extra cost. Please ask for a colour chart for our antique writing surfaces and a quote for replacement if you are interested in this option.
Antique Desk Chairs & Antique Library ChairsIf you already have an antique desk or antique writing table it would add to the overall appearance to add an antique desk chair or library chair. We have a good selection of quality antique desk chairs in a range of styles; Victorian chairs, Edwardian and Georgian chairs; antique armchairs, larger size antique desk chairs, library chairs in a range of sizes woods and styles to suit your desk or table.
Our antique library chairs also offer a great value investment for you home study, library or office. If you are looking to purchase antique desk chair or antique library chair we are sure you will be pleased with

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