Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latest Fashion Trend This Season.

Latest Fashion Trend This Season

latest fashion trend this season
latest fashion trend this season
latest fashion trend this season
latest fashion trend this season
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Flowerpot of the Month

Let your imagination bloom! Each month in 2011 brings a creative new flowerpot design to suit the season or the month's festivities. Grow your collection and order these festive FREE designs today, then visit each month to collect more free flowerpot designs throughout the year!
Blooming in October
Free through October 31, 2011!
 Blooming in Halloween
Free through October 31, 2011!

Celebrate the change of season with a flowerpot bursting with autumn flowers and foliage. A gourd decorates the pot, while wheat and a stock of corn add fall flair. This fresh design is a great addition to market totes, potholders, and placemats.

A spooktacular flowerpot haunts your embroidery with boo-tiful blooms, a spider web, and a witches hat. A jack-o-lantern grins from the eerie pot of flowers. Plant smiles by stitching this charmer on on pillows, towels, and more Halloween decor.
Available in two sizes:
4.53"X5.58" and 3.13"X3.85"
 Available in two sizes:
4.72"X5.51" and 3.31"X3.86"

Looking for previous designs from the Flowerpot of the Month series? Find them below!
Blooming in JanuaryBlooming Birthday
Blooming for Valentine's Day
Blooming for St. Patrick's Day
Blooming for EasterBlooming in MayBlooming in June
Blooming in July
Stars and Stripes Flowerpot
Blooming in AugustBlooming in September

Support is Sweet
Free through October 31, 2011!
Show support and awareness with this sweet cupcake design! Parts of this design have been stitched in pink to represent breast cancer awareness, but choose a different color to represent your favorite cause. To see a list of causes and their colors, click here.
Available in two sizes:
4.82"X4.91" and 3.76"X3.85"

Below are some frequently asked questions about the free designs. If you have a question that isn't answered below, check the HELP page. And, if you don't find the answer there, be sure to send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com. We'll be glad to help!
Q: What happens if I have a free design in my shopping basket and don't check out of the website before the design returns to regular price?

A: The design stays in your shopping basket, and the prices change. For example, let's imagine that you add a free design to your basket today, and the design is free through October 31st. On November 1st you return to the website and check your shopping basket. A note in red will appear on the top advising you that prices in your basket have changed, and you'll see that the free design is no longer free. You can purchase the design if you wish, or you can remove it from your basket. As always, the choice is yours!

Our advice is that you add free designs to your shopping basket and check out of the site fast, before you forget about 'em!
Q: How many free designs are there, and how often are there new ones?

A: There are usually two free designs each month. You can expect new free designs around the 1st of each month. Generally the designs are free through the last day of the month, but there are some exceptions. Look for the "free through" date posted near each free design.
Q: Are the free designs archived, and can I download designs from previous months?

A: No, there are no archives of free designs. After a design is free for one month, it's moved into the "for sale" departments. Free designs are offered so that embroiderers who are new to the Embroidery Library can practice downloading designs, opening files, uploading to their embroidery machine, and also sample the quality of our product. It's also a way for customers who visit the Embroidery Library frequently to build their personal collection of top-quality designs.fashioninn4us.blogspot.com

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