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Best Weekly Bargain.

Best Weekly Bargain

It seems the fashion design world has fallen in love with color blocking and the mixing of bold colors & patterns together. I love the way H & M does this look which is indeed a great addition to every wardrobe. Black & white is always so elegant & can be mixed with many other items in your closet.
Shoes to Die For: The Practical Heel
Sometimes a girl just has to be practical! At the workplace,  it’s tough walking all day on those 5″ platform pumps.  Save those for going out, and pick out some fun pairs of practical heels.   Leopard prints are to die for, especially the studded embellishment on Valentino’s .  These feature a 2.5″ heel and endless inches of GORGEOUS!   are a steal for $24.99.   Be comfortable, and still look sexy.   We
Diana Vreeland Documentary: The Eye Has to Travel
It is always fun to meet personalities and get to shmooz with them and ask questions. Enjoyed meeting the director/filmmaker and author, Lisa Immordino Vreeland at Barneys this weekend. I know that there isn’t a person who follows and embraces fashion, like me, that doesn’t know the name Diana Vreeland, formerly of Bazaar, Vogue and later the Metropolitan Museum in NY. Of course I am lucky enough to own the vintage book Allure by Ms. Vreeland & the source for the movie & book title called “The Eye Must Travel” which is a quote of hers from that very book.  Lucky for us, If you didn’t get to see the movie at the Chicago Film Festival, Ms Immordino Vreeland tells me that the movie will be aired in theaters in May 2012. Don’t miss it as it is indeed a very special behind the scenes look at the fashion world from the past. Don’t you just love DV’s Up and Coming Chicago Talent: Alma Wieser
 Recently the Italian Expo Renaissance was held at the Bridgeport Art Center with a focus on some of the new emerging talent in fashion in Chicago. I was honored to be one of the judges and was very excited to be a part of selecting the most outstanding designer of the fashion competition, Alma Wieser or Renovar. As the winner, Alma will be going to Milan in February 2012 for Fashion Week and present her collection to the fashion industry professionals.
Also at the Expo was the unveiling of the new Lamborghini Aventador, cooking shows and wine and food that was yummy. It was a fun evening for all.

H&M Unveil Versace Collection

Alright now ladies, some more images of the Versace collection for H&M have gone viral and this is what we could dig up for your pretty little eyes to see. As you can see, the collection is very reminiscent of vintage Versace circa Gianni. The vibrant tones and crazy prints are what really make this line work! There’s even something for everyone! Oriental splashes, islander trends, as well as the always chic black. We truly are getting excited for this line to come out because H&M always brings the excitement this time of year! Are you guys going to knock over the barricades come November 18th?!


in bomber jackets. The seasons sure are changing, which means it is time to bundle up. What better way then to invest into a bomber jacket. The fighter pilot look is very easy to pull off when paired casually with jeans and a tshirt, or dressed up with a button down and some khakis. Check out this spread from the newest GQ featuring J.Cole. Make sure to stick with a black leather, it’s easier to pull off than a brown leather, and has a certain bad ass edge to it.
BLK DNM $1,190

Bally $2,895

Yes, I did put up another book on Diana Vreeland in June but this is a very special new book by a family member. Join Barneys Creative Ambassador at Large Simon Doonan to welcome author and fillmaker Lisa Immordino Vreeland to fete the launch of her book Diana Vreeland, The Eye Has to Travel. Saturday, October 15th from 3:00- 5:00. Don’t miss the movie also on her life which is part of the Chicago Film Festival. Diana Vreeland is a legend in the fashion world.

Yes, I may be one of the few people in Chicago that had never seen the Blue Man Group perform until last week. It was so much fun and so fashionably timely in terms of technology and color.
The Blue Man Group provides a unique and thrilling experience that combines theatrics, music, comedy, art and technology for an extraordinary experience.  The new material  includes Blue Men interacting with “GiPads;” a funny and perceptive look at contemporary communication vehicles; and a pulsating new finale featuring an original Blue Man Group music score.
Don’t miss the new updated version. Tickets range from $49 to $89 with dates through December. Check them out at the Briar Street Theatre, 3133 N. Halsted Street.. You will love it.
You think it’s bad when you show up to an event and someone else is wearing the same outfit as you? You know what’s even worse? Showing up to a Halloween party and seeing ten other people wearing the same costume. It’s so important to be original for Halloween for that very reason.
Want to be Lady Gaga? Okay. But don’t do the whole Old School Lady Gaga, with the hair-bow, Ray-bans, leotard, tights, and funky heels. Everybody and their gay friend Randy will be going as Old School Lady Gaga. How about you go as Lady Gaga, but with a twist?
How about Lady Gaga in her meat dress, but instead, use cooked meats? Say you are Lady Gaga after hitting the tanning bed too hard.
It is no mystery that prints are an interesting way to add depth to an outfit, not to mention flattering! The recent paris fashion week, in September, showed tons of prints for the season. The prints were splashed across all different pieces of outfits, dresses, tops, shorts and even shoes. I personally love big prints, paired with the right other pieces of course.
This look is from Balmain’s Spring 2012 line that he showed in Paris. I just love the cut and print of the shorts! Paired with a simple military inspired top and ankle booties this look is simple yet extremely interesting!
I think that florals can be worn year round, especially if you wear them like this Chicagoan. The long darker colored floral jacket with leggings and flats still is appropriate for fall weather. By adding a big statement piece to a very basic outfit it instantly revives a classic look into something more daring and modern.
This is a fool-proof way wear wear prints in the fall. A brightly printed top tonic and skinny jeans or leggings with heeled boots. The key to this type of outfit is to keep the tunic either short enough or long enough for your body type. The boots also help with lengthening your leg, I personally am petite and opt for just below the knee boots, a taller person may choose shorter boots!
I always say that you have to show off your best assets when dressing and wow has this Chicagoan done a great job to make her hair color pop! The black and white printed maxi dress is bold, but not too bold that it looks tacky. Her hair adds that contrast of color and I love her platform heels! On a cooler evening she could add a dark denim jacket or even a leather bomber coat!
Here is another example of a printed maxi dress. I really do love paisley and there are so many options out there this season! I think that the colors of this paisley are great for this girl! Not only does this print look great on her but a maxi dress is perfect for running errands, so easy and breezy. The one thing to I have to say about prints, contrary to Missoni beliefs, in the real world not the runway you can have too much prints. Be careful when pairing two bold prints together, I think that a big and smaller print is fine and of course a print and a solid is great!

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