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Antique Office Furniture.

This Mission oak lamp table is 36" Diameter. There is a revolving bookcase underneath that gives the table a unique design. The height of the table is Table with revolving bookcase is 30" Height. The bookcase section has four divisions 11" Height and 8 1/2" Width. Circa 1910.  -$1750.

Antique Office Furniture

(click on pictures to get prices & descriptions)

F025DBookcase.jpg (68192 bytes)F025D  Oak Sectional Bookcase - DannerF965CCornerBookcase1.jpg (81720 bytes)
F965C  Four Sectional Corner Oak Bookcase
F002DBookcase.jpg (60891 bytes)
F002D  Oak Bookcase - Globe Wernicke SOLD
F020DTableBookcase.jpg (110063 bytes)F020D  Mission Oak Center Table with revolving bookcase
F985CBookcase.jpg (62127 bytes)
F985C  Mission Oak Bookcase - Globe Wernicke
F989CBookcase.jpg (71026 bytes)
F989C  Oak Double wide Mission Bookcase
F957CBookcase2.jpg (87644 bytes)F957C  Oak Bookcase - Globe WernickeF935CRevolvingBookcase7.jpg (62297 bytes)F935C  Walnut Danner Revolving Bookcase
F947CBookcase.jpg (64779 bytes)F947C  Oak Bookcase - MaceyF944CMissionBookcase2.jpg (59986 bytes)F944C  Mission Oak Bookcase - Globe
F858CBookcase.jpg (52930 bytes)
F858C   Oak Macey Bookcase - Large Units
F942CMahoganyBookcase.jpg (70833 bytes)F942C  Mahogany 4 sectional Mission Bookcase - Corner Cabinet
F887CDanner9.jpg (84156 bytes)F887C  Oak Bookcase Danner F887CBookcase.jpg (61892 bytes)F887C  Mission Oak Bookcase - MaceyF734CBookcase.jpg (68928 bytes)F734C  Oak Revolving Bookcase - DannerF019DBookshelf.jpg (64216 bytes)
F019D  Mission Oak Magazine Stand
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing) 
F355CBookcase1.jpg (78577 bytes)F355C  Oak Barrister Bookcase - New EnglandF723CBookcase.jpg (55456 bytes)F723C  Mission Oak Bookcase double doorF530CBookcase.jpg (73299 bytes)F530C  Oak 3 High Sectional Oak Bookcase - Globe WernickeF805Cbookcase2.jpg (67837 bytes)
F805C  Globe Wernicke 4 High Sectional Oak Bookcase
F623CBookcase3.jpg (74832 bytes)F623C  Mission Oak Double wide BookcaseF327CBookcase.jpg (45609 bytes)F327C  Mission Oak double door BookcaseF780CBookcase.jpg (68134 bytes)  F780C  Oak Revolving Bookcase with Reference HolderF295CCabinet9.jpg (53475 bytes)  F295C  Mission Oak Bookcase Double Door
F497Cbookcase4.jpg (55450 bytes)F497C  Oak Bookcase Double wide - claw feetF089CLifetime.jpg (42078 bytes)
F089C Mission Oak Bookcase - Lifetime
F901CBookcase.jpg (84588 bytes)F901C  Mahogany Bookcase - MaceyF292CBookcase4.jpg (49107 bytes)F292C  Oak Bookcase - Globe Wernicke
F376CBookcase.jpg (48732 bytes)F376C  Mission Oak double door BookcaseF556CBookcase.jpg (85621 bytes)F556C  Oak Bookcases 3/4 size  - Hale F748CBookcase.jpg (62963 bytes)F748C  Antique Quarter Oak Single door Bookcase SOLDF824CBookcase.jpg (74136 bytes)F824C  Oak Bookcase - Globe Wernicke 
F813BBookcases5.jpg (49483 bytes)
F813B  1 of 13 matching Oak  Bookcases !! made by Gunn
F813BOakBookcases.jpg (141340 bytes)F813B  (13) Matching Oak Barrister Bookcases - 37  feet!!!F941CMaceyBookcase.jpg (71676 bytes)F941C  Oak Bookcase - MaceySOLDC108CBookcase.jpg (73698 bytes)C108C  Victorian Walnut Bookcase/Desk
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F939COakDannerBookcase4.jpg (54014 bytes)F939C  Oak Revolving Danner BookcaseF639BVictorian9.jpg (42110 bytes)F639B  Victorian Walnut Bookcase F411Awalnutbookcase.jpg (107967 bytes)F411A Bookcase Double door Bookcase
F397Abookcase.jpg (68445 bytes)F397A Victorian Walnut Bookcase
F499StickleyBookcases.jpg (116074 bytes)F499  Gustav Stickley Bookcases   Double Door #719F499StickleyBookcase.jpg (173088 bytes)F499  Gustav Stickley Bookcases Single door #715
F160CBookcase9.jpg (62228 bytes)F160C  Double Door Oak Boookcase - carved Maidens
F161CHorner7.jpg (42138 bytes)F161C  Triple Door Oak Bookcase - Maidens
F618CBookcase5.jpg (59847 bytes)F618C  Victorian Oak three door Bookcase - EastlakeF610CGreatCabinet1.jpg (76470 bytes)F610C  Fancy Oak four door BookcaseF060BWalnutBookcaseA.jpg (211995 bytes)
F060B  2 Pc. Victorian Walnut Bookcase File Cabinet
F956CBookcase.jpg (88602 bytes)F956C  Antique Oak Bookcase  SOLDF896CBookcase.jpg (57185 bytes)F896C  Bookcase with beveled glass doors SOLD
F514Cbookcase1.jpg (86507 bytes) F514C  Antique Oak Double door Bookcase SOLD
F958CBookcase.jpg (63029 bytes)F958C  Antique Oak BookcaseSOLDF595CMacey.jpg (70233 bytes)F595C  Antique Oak Bookcase - Macey SOLDF751CBookcase6.jpg (589812 bytes)F751C  Mahogany Bookcase - Macey 5 sectional SOLDF570CBookcases13.jpg (83430 bytes)F570C  Antique Oak Matching Bookcases  - Original finish SOLD
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F923CDesk1.jpg (59298 bytes)F923C  Mahogany drop front Desk - Horner
F500BDavenport1.jpg (50227 bytes)
F500B  Victorian Walnut  Davenport Desk

F964ASecretaryDesk.jpg (237101 bytes)F964A Fancy Oak Side by Side Secretary Desk 
F558CDropDesk.jpg (48660 bytes)F558C  Carved Oak drop front Ladies Desk
F959CCylinderDesk.jpg (69361 bytes)F959C  Oak Barrel front Secretary SOLDF602BCylinder.jpg (34315 bytes)F602B  Walnut Cylinder Roll Secretary DeskC164CDesk.jpg (39755 bytes)
C164C  Victorian Walnut Cylinder Secretary DeskSOLD
F889BDesk11.jpg (46851 bytes)F889B  Mahogany Ladies Desk
C108CBookcase.jpg (73698 bytes)C108C  Victorian Walnut Bookcase/Desk
F975ASecretaryDesk.jpg (220062 bytes)
F975A Rosewood Cylinder Secretary  -  Brooks
F891Ccabinet8.jpg (84925 bytes)F891C  Victorian Walnut Secretary C172CDWSecretarry.jpg (174155 bytes)C172C  Oak Secretary curved glass lions heads
F886Ccabinet15.jpg (89287 bytes)F886C  Oak Cylinder Desk Bookcase SOLD 
F720CDesk1.jpg (72115 bytes)F720C  Oak Drop Front Desk - original finish SOLDF437walnutdropdesk7.jpg (94318 bytes)F437B Victorian Walnut Drop Front Secretary DeskSOLD
F574CDesk.jpg (52524 bytes)F574C  Antique Oak Desk -SOLD
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F831BDesk.jpg (74043 bytes)F831B  Antique Oak Desk    
F500BDavenport1.jpg (50227 bytes)
F500B  Victorian Walnut  Davenport Desk
F650CDesk.jpg (46725 bytes)
F650C  Oak Desk with leather top
F284CDesk1.jpg (68146 bytes)F284C  Oak Desk from court house in Ohio
F749CKidneyDesk.jpg (59824 bytes)
F749C  Antique Oak Kidney shaped Desk
OakDesk4.jpg (98780 bytes)
F439C  Oak doulble pedestal Desk with carved pulls
F248BOakDesk.jpg (64963 bytes)F248B  Quarter Sawn Oak Turtle Top Shaped DeskF934CDictonaryTable.jpg (47009 bytes)F934C  Unusual Oak Table - Desk SOLD
F922CDesk8.jpg (169544 bytes)F922C  Antique Oak Roll top Desk original finish

F240CDolphin8.jpg (53543 bytes)F240C  Oak Carved Library Table or Desk - dolphinsC109CDesk1.jpg (86215 bytes)C109C  Victorian Walnut Ladies’ Desk SOLDC164CDesk.jpg (39755 bytes)
C164C  Victorian Walnut Cylinder Secretary DeskSOLD

F708rosewooddesk.jpg (76677 bytes)
F708 Rosewood Desk
F931BKidneyDesk10.jpg (60061 bytes)F931B  Beautiful Quarter Sawn Oak Kidney DeskF968CConfernceTable3.jpg (75338 bytes)F968C  Oak Conference Table or Work TableF005DRolltopDesk3.jpg (77900 bytes)F005D  Antique Oak Roll top Desk - Cutler
F999CShelbyvilleDesk12.jpg (68363 bytes)F999C  Antique Mahogany Roll top Desk - 72" Shelbyville Desk Co.
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F744CDerbyDesk7.jpg (69768 bytes)
F744C  Oak Roll top Desk - 42" SOLD
F774Cdesk13.jpg (100116 bytes)F774C  Antique Oak Roll top Desk - hinged sides SOLD 

vicdesk.jpg (59994 bytes)
FI Victorian Walnut Cylinder Desk SOLD
F874BTable12.jpg (87679 bytes)F874B  Oak Work or Conference Table SOLD FC002Desk.jpg (191316 bytes)FC002 Oak
Roll top Desk SOLD

F862 Moore Desk best.jpg (109307 bytes)
F862 Victorian Walnut Moore Desk Company Office Queen Desk SOLD
F888CFileCabinet1.jpg (93648 bytes)F888C  Oak File CabinetF971CFileCabinet.jpg (57959 bytes)F971C  Antique Oak File CabinetW035CFourDrawerFileCabinet.jpg (71215 bytes)W035C Globe Four Drawer File Cabinet W276CNationalCabinet8.jpg (70502 bytes)W276C  Walnut 2 drawer File Cabinet - National  
f011DFileCabinet3.jpg (107203 bytes)F011D  Mission Oak File Cabinet - WeisF849CFileCabinet8.jpg (64658 bytes)F849C  Oak stacking File Cabinet - Shaw WalkerF867CFile.jpg (77459 bytes)F867C  Antique Oak 4 drawer File Cabinet
F834CFileCabinet.jpg (78909 bytes)F834C  Pair of Oak File Cabinets made by GlobeSOLDF803CFileCabinet.jpg (49545 bytes)F803C  Antique Oak File Cabinet - Yawman & ErbeSOLDF926CFileCabinet.jpg (82161 bytes)F926C  Oak File Cabinet - original finish SOLD
 F864CFile.jpg (85414 bytes)F864C  Antique Mission Oak File Cabinet SOLD
F906CCabinet.jpg (60693 bytes)F906C   Oak File Cabinet - Yawman & Erbe SOLD
F940Cfcabinet.jpg (55118 bytes)F940C  Antique Oak File Cabinet - Globe SOLD

F717CBench.jpg (75916 bytes)F717C Oak Deacon's BenchF825CHallBench.jpg (91554 bytes)
F825C   Oak Hall Bench
F591CBench.jpg (81011 bytes)F591C  Antique Oak Bench - Brunswick SOLDF183CSeat.jpg (61492 bytes)F183C  Antique Oak Bench
F464CFancyHallTree1.jpg (56566 bytes)
F464C  Fancy Oak Hall Tree with carved claw feet
F088COakHallTree.jpg (31448 bytes)
F088C  Mission Oak Hall Tree - Barber Brothers
F540B1.jpg (27846 bytes)F540B  Hall Tree with Thick Center Board
F459CHallTree1.jpg (46103 bytes)F459C  Antique Oak Hall Tree 
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F477CHallTree1.jpg (83249 bytes)
F477C  Antique Cast Iron Victorian Hall tree - 1904
F928CHallTree.jpg (37240 bytes)F928C  Antique Oak Hall Tree
 F943CUmbrellaStand.jpg (61739 bytes)
F943C  Oak Cane and Umbrella Holder
F093CUmbellaStand2.jpg (41074 bytes)
F093C Rare Corner Umbrella Cane Stand
W336CHatRack4.jpg (96703 bytes)W336C  Bentwood Stick and Ball Type Oak Wall Mount Coat or Hat RackM347CHalltree.jpg (70401 bytes)M347C  Arts & Crafts Coat Rack Wood with Metal OverlayW105CHornRack.jpg (29025 bytes)W105C  Western Steer Horn Coat or Hat Rack Cowboy F159CDressingMirror.jpg (75532 bytes)F159C  Three way Dressing Mirror Cast Iron
F339Amercryhlltree.jpg (25482 bytes)
F339A Oak Mercury Hall tree
F927COakBench.jpg (90994 bytes)F927C  Antique Oak Bench with carved CupidsF805BBench.jpg (74202 bytes)F805B  Country Store Bench
C164CCarvedSet2.JPG (120571 bytes) C164C  Carved Oak Parlor Set - Bench, Chair Rocker  Price Reduced to $2595.

F024BBench.jpg (178000 bytes)
F024B Oak Chippendale Style Bench Carved Rams
 F258CBench8.jpg (47809 bytes)
F258C  Antique Cast Iron Garden Bench - Kramer Bros
F722CHalltree2.jpg (55845 bytes)F722C  Victorian Oak Hall Tree - original finishF839BHallTree.jpg (36775 bytes)F839B  Oak Hall Seat oval mirror 
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F696B15.jpg (72160 bytes)F696B  3 Piece Oak Parlor Set - Lion HeadsF907COakMirror.jpg (73986 bytes)F907C   Oak Wall hanging Mirror - hooksF838COakMirror4.jpg (88736 bytes)F838C  Fancy Victorian Oak Mirror with brass hooksSOLDF440CMirror1.jpg (55885 bytes)
F440C  Oak Fancy Hall Mirror with three hooks
F710CSettle7.jpg (69718 bytes)F710C  Mission Oak Settle - Limbert

F647BTree.jpg (48685 bytes)
F647B  Fancy Oak Hall Seat
F863AHallseat.jpg (61188 bytes)
F863A Large Oval Mirror Oak Hall Tree/Seat 
F930CWalnutHalltree.jpg (54053 bytes)
F930C  Victorian Walnut Marble Hall Mirror
F979CMissionHallTree2.jpg (69845 bytes)
F979C  Mission Oak Hall Tree
F970CBench5.jpg (76349 bytes)
F970C  Antique Oak Bussel bench or Chair SOLD
F507CLionBench1.jpg (74381 bytes) 
F507C  Antique Oak carved Bench - carved Lions SOLD
F904CBench1.jpg (66937 bytes)F904C  Rare Oak Bench -SOLDF577CHallTree.jpg (43846 bytes)
F577C  Oak Bentwood Hall Tree - Hat Rack - ThonetSOLD
F452CUmbrellaRack4.jpg (89135 bytes)F452C  Antique Oak Stick & Ball Umbrella Cane StandSOLDF592CHalltree.jpg (65004 bytes)
F592C   Antique Oak Hall Tree SOLD
F898CHallTree.jpg (71947 bytes)F898C  Very rare Stick and Ball Hall tree SOLD F408CCoatRack4.jpg (92790 bytes)F408C  Victorian Iron Hall Tree for hats & umbrellasSOLD
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F562COfficeChair.jpg (52680 bytes)F562C  Antique Oak Office Chair
F806ASwivelChair.jpg (78809 bytes)F806A Oak Spring Back  ChairF652CArmChair.jpg (61274 bytes)F652C  Arts & Crafts Mission Oak Arm ChairC164CCarvedSet2.JPG (120571 bytes) C164C  Carved Oak Parlor Set - Bench, Chair Rocker Price Reduced to $2595.
F540CWindsorChair1.jpg (87142 bytes)F540C  Antique Oak Windsor ChairF617CArmChair.jpg (78488 bytes)F617C  Oak T back Arm Chair F696B15.jpg (72160 bytes)
F696B  3 Piece Oak Parlor Set - Lion Heads
F894BChairTable4.jpg (44514 bytes)
F894B  Mission Oak Combination Chair Table
F472COakChair1.jpg (64436 bytes)F472C  Oak Office Chair - Post Office from Lennox, South Dakota
F504CChair3.jpg (54124 bytes)F504C  Antique Oak carved ChairF810CMissionChair4.jpg (69974 bytes)
F810C  Mission Oak tall back Chair - J M Young
F989BOfficeChair4.jpg (54629 bytes)F989B  Oak Office Chair Carved Indian claw feetSOLD
F719CMissionChair.jpg (563587 bytes)F719C  Oak Mission Arm Chair SOLD
F399CArmChair.jpg (57376 bytes)F399C  Mission Oak ChairSOLD
F776CArmChair.jpg (69294 bytes)F776C  Mission Oak Arm Chair Gustav Stickley SOLDF683Asetofsixlion11.jpg (169583 bytes)
  F683A Set of Six Lion headed Chairs SOLD
F627CMissionChairs.jpg (126413 bytes)F627C  Pair of Mission Oak Arm ChairsSOLD F614CHarden.jpg (105007 bytes)F614C  Mission Oak Chair - original finish - HardenSOLDF282BChair.jpg (147248 bytes)F282B  Mission Oak Chair Rush Cane Seat SOLDF823BOfficeChairs8.jpg (52951 bytes)F823B Heavy Oak Office Chair  Quarter Sawn SOLD
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
Vanity Chairs - Single Chair
F453CChair6.jpg (73006 bytes)
F453C  Carved Mahogany Piano Stool with back
F859CLionChair6.jpg (79295 bytes)
F859C  Extra Heavy Oak Hall Chair Carved Lion
F876BPianoStool.jpg (59256 bytes)F876B  Mahogany Piano Stool
F983CPianoStool.jpg (67255 bytes)F983C  Oak Piano Stool with back
F884Cchairs2.jpg (94083 bytes)F884C  Pair of Mission Oak Chairs SOLDF463CVanityChair2.jpg (62471 bytes)F463C  Antique Oak Vanity ChairF395CLimbert.jpg (52355 bytes)F395C  Antique Mission Oak Chair - F932COakStool.jpg (55136 bytes)F932C  Quarter Sawn Oak Piano Stool Claw Ball FeetSOLD
 F971BChair.jpg (42911 bytes)
F971B  Antique Primitive Style Childs Wood Chair
F453CChair6.jpg (73006 bytes)
F453C  Carved Mahogany Piano Stool with back

F788BChair3.jpg (40518 bytes)
F788B  Oak Tall Single Chair Lions
F109Avanitychair.jpg (27594 bytes)F109A Oak Vanity Chair
F704B.jpg (41781 bytes)F704B  Oak Vanity Chair - claw feetF248CChair.jpg (37850 bytes)F248C  Oak Vanity ChairF712BChair.jpg (40315 bytes)F712B   Stickley Oak Chair Mission Arts & Crafts F682CLimbertChair5.jpg (48001 bytes)F682C  Limbert Mission Oak Chair 
F933CPianoStool6.jpg (65073 bytes)F933C  Quarter Sawn Oak Piano Stool Claw Ball FeetF462CChair9.jpg (47015 bytes)F462C  Antique Oak Vanity Chair 
F479CMerklenStool.jpg (55109 bytes)F479C  Antique Victorian Mahogany Piano Stool - MerklenF759CChair5.jpg (59523 bytes)F759C  Oak Vanity ChairSOLD
F837CSewingStool2.jpg (79166 bytes)F837C   Victorian Walnut Eastlake Sewing Stool SOLD F745CStool2.jpg (57673 bytes)
F745C  Oak Piano Stool with Back SOLD
F870CBussel.jpg (60440 bytes)F870C  Antique Oak Bussel Bench SOLD F315CChair3.jpg (43410 bytes)F315C  Mahogany Organ or Piano Stool SOLDF899CChair.jpg (85564 bytes)F899C  Unusual Oak Combination Chair SOLDF350CChair.jpg (30274 bytes)F350C  Oak Victorian Chair - Dolphin Back SOLD 
F743CJesterChair.jpg (69177 bytes)F743C  Oak Chair carved Face SOLDF380CMahoganyChair.jpg (49730 bytes)F380C  Victorian Mahogany Piano Stool with back SOLD F624CPianoStool.jpg (82340 bytes)
F624C  Oak Piano Stool with Back SOLD
F279CPianoStool.jpg (45080 bytes)F279C  Victorian Walnut Stool SOLD 
F402CStool5.jpg (42261 bytes)F402C  Piano Stool with decoative SOLD F261CPianoStool.jpg (51712 bytes)F261C  Piano Stool with backSOLDF634CMusicChair.jpg (79151 bytes)F634C  Victorian Walnut Piano Stool with Back SOLDF552CBuffaloChair9.jpg (44731 bytes)F552C  Carved Oak Chair - Buffalo SOLD 
(click on pictures for descriptions and pricing)
F892Crockingchair7.jpg (84809 bytes)F892C  Mission Oak Rocker - Limbert
F929BMissionRocker.jpg (59679 bytes)F929B Mission Oak J.M. Young RockerF441CMissionRocker.jpg (83571 bytes)F441C  Mission Oak Rocking ChairF756CRocker5.jpg (55157 bytes)
F756C  Mission Oak Rocking Chair - Limbert
F637CRockingChair.jpg (104331 bytes)
F637C  Victorian High Back Oak Rocker - Rocking Chair
F436CRocker3.jpg (68501 bytes)
F436C   Old Boston Rocking Chair
F430glidderrocker.jpg (51897 bytes)
F430 Glider Rocker
F176CWoodenRocker.jpg (52739 bytes)F176C  Tall Pressed Back Rocker 
F330CHunzinger2.jpg (55840 bytes)F330C  Victorian Hunzinger Walnut RockerF736CRocker.jpg (62487 bytes)F736C Oak Limbert Rocker Rocking Chair

Children's Rockers
F150CRocker.jpg (68424 bytes)F150C  Child's Old Hickory Rocker Rocking ChairW153CRocker.jpg (48546 bytes)W153C  Old Wooden Child's Rocker with Dutch Children SceneF706B.jpg (47345 bytes)F706B  Child's Press back Wood RockerF162CRocker.jpg (56917 bytes)F162C  Child's Oak Rocking Chair
F991BYouthRocker4.jpg (50838 bytes)F991B  Mission Oak Stickley Youth Rocker
F003CRocker.jpg (58777 bytes)
F003C  Gustav Stickley  Oak Youth Rocker
Click here to view our Sold Rockers and Chairs

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