Wednesday, February 29, 2012

photos of Dajjal.

I built this site because George Bush and Barack Obama imitated from my personal photos.
Published photos of 
Dajjal are imitated from my pictures too
Dajjal Pictures
Tow green and one white part of bed on the right upper side in Dajjal's picture is similar to the lower end of toy on my neck

Two white and one blue part of diaper in Dajjal's picture is similar to two white and one blue part on curtain behind the room glass in me and my brother's picture

Color of items on the right side of Dajjal's picture is the same as colors on the middle of my shirt (Except color of circles on lower end of my shirt and yarn fasten on Dajjal's hand)

Dajjal's right hand which is bent is the same as my right hand. Dajjal's right hand wrist is not shown in the picture and also my left hand wrist is not shown

There is a yellow thing on middle of my head which is the same as my hair color and also there is a bunch of hair in the middle of Dajjal's head

My brother is putting something in my mouth to eat and also there is something on Dajjal's lip

Barack ObamaI am bending and Obama have done the same

The table cover shape is the same as bride's underwear ( but half of table and table cover is shown in my picture )

Barack Obama - 2
Obama's feet movement is the same as the man's feet movement. You can see me and my father in the middle of picture

Obama Family
Sasha Obama's hands position is the same as my hands position

Barbara Bush Jenna Bush
Color of clothes are the same

Two sisters and two brothers. Me and my brother picture is from 18 years ago

George Bush
Color of my coat and Bush's tie is red

The movement of my left hand is the same as Bush's right hand

My left shoes with snow in front of it is the same as clothe with white circle on upper top of the other picture

Jenna Bush
Holding the phone

Color of the clothes are different

Color of the photo frame next to phone and Bush's chair is the same

Jenna Bush - 2
Face shape of Jenna Bush is the same as my face shape in my middle picture

The color of animal in drawing which Jenna Bush is holding is the same as my clothes in left picture 

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