Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 10 China Tours 2012.

Mum and child, Xingping - Xingping, Guangxi

This was taken near the riverside of Xingping during my trip to China last year, I was trying to photograph people and capture a unique "moment". I love how the child is looking straight at the camera, but I wasn't sure if I should do a closer crop of this image. I left it to show the height and the umbrella or the shaft of the umbrella would have looked a little strange had I cut off the top of it. Would a closer crop of this work?

10000 Buddha Monastery - Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Tsz) is a Buddhist temple in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. It is located at 220 Pai Tau Village, Sha Tin. It is not an actual monastery as there are no resident monks and is managed by laypersons. (Wikipedia)

Camera Seiko R-D1
Exposure 0.002 sec (1/590)
ISO Speed 200
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No flash function

Shandong - Lingyanshi, Shandong

In Shandong province, 100 kms from Jinana city there is Lingyanshi. A touristic park with the temple of 1000 Buddha's. This pic was shot in this temple. You can see some of the Buddha's statues, human sized, and situated on the interior perimeter of this temple. Above them there are smaller ones. In Lingyanshi there is also a fine paggoda and an old cemetery with very fine graves.

A must to visit in Shandong.

Back to home - , Beijing

It was in Beijing a year back. I was heading back to hotel and got this glimpse from the bus.

Tsing Yi Nature Trail - Tsing Yi, Hong Kong

Tsing Yi Nature Trail (Chinese: 青衣自然徑), also known as Kwai Tsing Reunification Health Trail is a hiking trail on Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong.

At the highest point, it has a view of Rambler Channel and Ma Wan Channel, with Ting Kau Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge spanning over, respectively.

Lijiang OldTown - Lijiang Old Town, Yunnan

Lijiang Old Town is also known as the Town of Dayanzhen (Big Ink Slab) due to the local blue stone that are used to pave the narrow streets. It is well preserved and reflects the rich and colourful culture of the Naxi minority group. Covering an area of 3.9 sq km or 912 acres this is the only old town that is not protected by a town wall and a network of aqueduct distributes clean water from Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pool) to its inhabitants.
In 1997 this town was listed as World’s Relics by UNESCO.
In WS you can see the same scene taken at night giving a completely different atmosphere with all the lighted red lanterns and the crowd of tourists.
My previous post The Pub was taken here and it is located on the left side of this stream just beyond the bridge.
Going for Oasis - Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia

A man is carrying camels to a small lake in the late afternoon. Padanjirin(what we call), was one of the most remote and dynamic deserts I've ever seen in my life.

ChairAffair - Chengdu, Sichuan

Few stools at the entrance to a metro station. Some young people were busy with unloading furniture from a truck and moving them to a nearby hotel.

End of the Road - Hai an, Guangdong

This is as far south as you can go in mainland China and Guangdong Province. Next stop by boat, is Hainan Island. I've cropped some of the uninteresting fg road here. Vehicles drive onto the passenger ferries in the bg (there were 12 of them when I was there) & passengers walk on, & stay in the upper decks, above the vehicles.

The 2 trees at left are coconut palms.

The Weaver - Lijiang  Ancient Town, Yunnan

The minority groups in Yunnan adorn themselves with the most colourful costume and most of the materials are delicately hand woven by their women folks.
In this shop at Lijiang Ancient Town, this lady is putting the final touch to her completed piece of colourful material. The weaving loom can be seen in front of her and the Chinese characters to the right literally means “Woman’s World – Shawls and Scarves”

Hai An Ships - Hai an, Guangdong

Hai An is at the southern tip of Guangdong Province, & is the port for ships to Hainan Island. These are merchant ships moored in the harbour. My passenger ship didn't leave until 5 pm, so I spent a couple of hours wandering around the port. A rare blue sky, too. Mostly it was overcast or raining.

Hunan - , Hunan

The Miao live primarily in southern China, here in the provinces of Hunan. 
This pic was shot is a small village between Fenghaung and Shagngsha and you can visit it. Inhabitants are rather poor, they only live from tourism. The children do not go to school. They are too far from important towns. On this pic this woman holds her commerce with her baby sleeping in this round basket.

Dadonghai Boardwalk - Dadonghai, Hainan

Dadonghai is popular with Russian vacationers, & Cyrillic is almost as common as Chinese in the shops & restaurants around here. At left is the beach. I've dodged & burned this shot. Most people prefer Dadonghai to Sanya, and this boardwalk, lined with coconut palms festooned with red Chinese lanterns for Chinese New Year (January 22), is several kilometres long. This boardwalk looks very colorful at night too, & I may upload a shot or 2 later.

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