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Best U.S. Running .

For people who like to run, one of the best things about traveling is that it offers new places to explore and create routes. At the same time, running is often an easy and time-efficient way to learn a new city.
In many parts of the world, adventurous running may require topographical maps, satellite radios, prepaid phone plans, and an eye for safety. In major American cities, though, the best places to run are usually safe and easy to find, meaning that all you need before stepping outside is an idea of where to start.
Based on paths, climate, and running community, here are six of the best American cities to run in, listed in no particular order:
Home to the University of Colorado, Boulder is hard to beat both for its running community and its geographic location. Boulder is often described as America’s running capital, and its running community reflects that title. In Boulder, you can find world-famous runners training among thousands of others who treat running as a serious pastime. Boulder is perfectly situated right at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. When visiting, run west from the city and try any of the dirt paths heading upwards. The views, terrain, and company will be sure not to disappoint.
What Chicago lacks in climate it makes up for in running atmosphere – especially for a visitor to the city. Regardless of whether you’re staying on the North Side, downtown, or on the South Side, you probably aren’t too far from the lake. Heading east will therefore bring you to the lakefront path, which stretches over 25 miles and provides great views of the city skyline. Crowded year-round, it may also provide you with some impromptu running partners.
The Boston Marathon is the American pinnacle of distance running, and any visitor to the city – at any time of year – can run the last few miles down Commonwealth Avenue to the finish at Copley Square. But the city offers runners more than just the marathon. Try the paths along the Charles River, for example, which manage to be serene and peaceful while also providing great views of the city in the process.
Our second Colorado city on the list, Colorado Springs excels as a running destination for one key reason: altitude. A visitor to the city has numerous mountain trails to choose from. If you don’t mind risking a twisted ankle – and if you’re properly acclimated – you can find paths that leave the city and go on for miles and miles. The high altitude location is also popular with professional runners and dotted with running stores, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get advice regarding the best trails.
The nation’s capital is home to more park space per acre than almost any other city in the country. This gives visitors a wealth of running options, with Rock Creek Park foremost among them. But a traveler to D.C. may be best served by running along the National Mall area and along the Potomac. There are limitless sights to see and views to take in, and few runs in the country can compare when it comes to history.
As a running destination, San Diego has two very strong things going for it: the weather and the beach. Sunny and comfortable year round, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to get outside while visiting San Diego. Fortunately, there are several beach-side parks and paths to choose from – in addition to running on the sand itself. An evening run during sunset will convince even the most hardened enthusiasts that running is best enjoyed in perfect weather.
There are certainly many more American cities with great running options, and even more where running can still afford a great travel experience. But if you’re traveling to any of the above six cities, be sure to make an extra effort, get outside, and go for a run.

Despite having more open spaces and a greater proximity to the outdoors, the U.S. counties most strongly correlated with negative health indicators, such as obesity, are located in rural areas. On some levels, it’s not too hard to see why: most health care advice is targeted towards an urban population. We’re told to hit the gym, walk to work, and partake in sports like tennis and swimming. If you live in a rural area, there’s a chance that none of these options are feasible.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many ways to live a healthy, rural lifestyle. For those of you looking for ways to get started, here are some general tips
ellForsaking soda and beer in favor of water – at least for most hydration occasions – is an easy first step in the quest for a healthy lifestyle, and it shouldn’t matter where in the United States you live. If you have clean tap water, it’s as simple as heading to the faucet and turning it on. If you don’t, invest in a filter or petition your local municipality to install a  Clean water is well worth any effort.
Residents of rural areas often describe a difficult situation when it comes to healthy food choices. They live far from the nearest supermarket, and consequently don’t want to go there more than a couple times a month. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of fast food places that are closer, more convenient, and ultimately prove tempting once that last supermarket trip starts to fade from memory. The best solution to this problem? It’s easier said than done, but if you plan out your meals before going to the grocery store then you have a better sense of what to buy and you can keep yourself to a schedule once you return home. Instead of being too lazy to think of a dinner plan and heading to McDonald’s, you’ll know exactly what you should be eating that night – and you’ll have the ingredients to make it happen.
As aforementioned, many exercise activities are difficult to do in a rural area. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and health clubs are rare, leaving few options for the health inclined. Some people find that rural areas are a great place to run, with wide open spaces and roads stretching to the horizon. But sometimes those spaces can be too wide open, and running in rural areas is often times less advisable than getting a bicycle. A bike makes the miles shorter and the distance to the nearest gas station less daunting. And most rural areas have open, paved roads with rolling terrain – perfect for biking. If you’re really adventurous, you can bike into town or to the nearby store.
While this is not an exhaustive list, it will hopefully provide a good start for those whose needs are rarely addressed when it comes to health advice: residents of rural areas. And, regardless of which options you choose, always remember that having the lifestyle you want is about making the right choices. Hopefully, those choices will be healthy ones.

We all live with excuses of a wide variety every day of our lives. It’s all a part of a rationalization of why we do, or don’t do, something. The power of rationalization can’t be underscored enough and it’s being able to recognizing when we’re doing it that we can begin to take steps not to utilize it.
Our health is one of the biggest problems that often falls victim to our unsurpassed ability to make excuses to ourselves. This is all a part of the science of how we think and some of the most common excuses that just don’t cut it include:
It’s Too Hot/It’s Too Cold
Every winter, we tell ourselves that when summer rolls around we’re really going to get ourselves into shape. When summer arrives, we complain that it’s too hot and that we’ll make doubly sure that, when it cools down, we’ll put in some effort. This is an excuse that just doesn’t cut it. We could always work out in-doors or join a gym. There are far too many options for this argument to hold up.
I Have Bad Genes
We’ve seen incredible breakthroughs in medical science and every year we push further and further towards understanding how our bodies work. From  to nanotechnology, we’re constantly pushing towards new and more innovative approaches to the field of medicine. With this knowledge we’ve come to understand that, in some part, our genes determine the way we look but the excuse, I’m obese because it’s in my genes is a terrible excuse. This is a common excuse that people use. You genes may have something to do with a person having a harder time loosing weight but, under no circumstances, does it explain why a person gets to be five hundred pounds.

As far as human health is concerned, going bald doesn’t do anything except increase the chances of getting sun burned. But hair loss is unfortunately a highly stigmatizing issue for people, especially women. When it comes to human interaction, hair loss is a surefire inhibitor of self-confidence, and even a potential roadblock to personal achievement. There’s a massive market for  that ranges from Rogaine to getting hair roots transplanted from one part of the head to another. These options should be explored if hair loss is affecting your way of life; however, before doing so you should give some free curatives a try.
It’s not everyday that medical advice includes the consumption of caffeinated beverages, but studies show that green tea can lower, the hormone primarily responsible for hair loss. Coffee is said to help too, but not by drinking it. Studies show that ground up coffee beans mixed in with shampoo can reduce testosterone-induced follicle growth suppression.
However, not all balding is directly caused by inherent genetic dispositions. Some instances of balding are caused by environmental factors, stress, or bad nutrition. Extreme temperatures, especially when going from one extreme to the next, tend to incite more hair loss than usual. Avoiding extreme temperatures can keep hair in its place.
Stress is also an incredibly common cause of baldness, and efforts to reduce stress should be taken at the first signs of hair loss.
But above all, the biggest thing you can do about your lifestyle that can help reduce hair loss or even reverse it is to get into shape and eat right. Your hair is like any other part of the body – it needs the right combination of vitamins and nutrients to be healthy
Additional homemade remedies include utilizing oils, extracts, and good old fashioned produce that humans have been using for thousands of years to reverse balding. Carrier oils like jojoba and grape seed mixed with traditional oils like those of thyme, rosemary, and lavender have been applied to the scalps of balding people for centuries. The Ancient Greeks were convinced that onions had a hand in reversing baldness and would pack their scalps with slivers of onions.
Whether or not you want your hair, or what’s left of it, smelling like onions in the effort to keep the hair you have is up to you. But if you’ve become increasingly serious about surgical solutions to hair loss, you should consider these cheaper alternatives first. You never know what may sprout as a result of your toil.

The maintenance of body weight is very important as far as the health fitness is concerned. People who have got abnormal weight are susceptible to diseases very easily. The reason for abnormal body weight is life style. In today’s life style men can perform works with out much exertion and for conveyance they can rely on their own vehicles and other alternatives. They have no need to walk to reach their destinations. To make things available just a phone call is sufficient. Then the only thing they have to do is eat and sit simply. This is the reason for abnormal weight in human beings. Over weight is the cause of numerous diseases like Diabetics and Hypertension. If men become prey to these diseases once they cannot escape from their hands till the last minute of their life. They can continue living by taking medicines regularly. The doctors also instruct them to control the diet and body weight.   Hence if people can control their body weight by controlling their diet in advance they can avoid the intake of medicines and thereby they can save financially also.
Men can control their body weight by means of exercises, daily walk and diet control. By controlling weight they can always feel as rejuvenated and free of various health problems. By reducing body weight, the excess fat content in the body will be removed considerably. This will enable people to bring cholesterol under desirable level. Cholesterol is the killer factor for causing heart blocks and thereby cardiac arrest. Hence this is a favorable factor for avoiding various heart problems. If the cholesterol level can be brought under control the blood pressure also can be minimized ideally. In this way by reducing excess body weight, all major diseases can be kept away and this will enable men to lead a very comfortable life.

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