Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home and Garden Aqualizer .

Home and Garden Aqualizer

The Home and Garden Aqualizer is suitable for most homes and apartments. 

Installed on your 3/4″ to 1″ diameter mains water pipe, after the water meter, it will provide Living Water to every tap and source of water in your entire home. 

The Aqualizer fitting takes literally seconds to install, needs no maintenance or renewal, does not require any power to function and will be effective for 5 years. 

The Home and Garden Aqualizer will improve your water by transforming it into Living Water. It returns natural ‘life’ to the water you drink, cook, bathe and wash with. It enriches your water with life force and natural frequencies extracted from pure water sources and flower essences that promote water purification. 

You will gain the benefits from better tasting water with less odour, health benefits associated with drinking more water, the environmental benefits, enhanced flavours in your food, added protection to your appliances (kettles, washing machines and dishwashers) from scale build-up and more… 

Promoting water purification and water revitalisation, the combination of energetic resonances derived from natural water and flora sources, the Home and Garden Aqualizer restores and revitalises water’s natural vitality and improves it dramatically

Kitchen Spring Living Water

The unit will restore your running water’s natural vitality, improve and revitalise it by combining energetic resonances from natural water and flora sources that promote water purification. 

When backed up by the Home and Garden Aqualizer fitted to the mains pipe, the Under Sink Aqualizer will reinforce and add ‘power’ to the energetic resonance improving the water – So, the water revitalisation taking place at the entrance to your home will be intensified by the Under Sink unit. 

Our Aqualizers do not need any maintenance or replacement, need no power or electricity and last for 5 years.

Aqualizer Ripple

The first enriches the water producingLiving Water and the second adds resonating energetic frequencies that improve and benefit the energetic balance of hair, skin and nails. 

Using the Aqualizer Ripple helps to promote better and efficiency and effectivity of hair and skin products like shampoo, soap, conditioner, moisturizer, etc. when you bathe or shower. 

Use of the Aqualizer Ripple has reported better bathing experiences maintaining the vitality of hair and skin over time and a significant decrease in the amount of dandruff. 

Attaching the fitting to your shower takes about a minute by simply screwing the device onto the pipe before the showerhead or douche. 

Promoting water purification, the combination of energetic resonances derived from natural water and flora sources, this Aqualizer restores and revitalises water’s natural vitality and improves it dramatically.

Aqualizer 13mm water revitaliser

The Aqualizer 13mm fitting will suit filtered water taps like for those systems found beneath your kitchen sink that provide you with filtered water. 

Our Aqualizers are designed to further improve filtered drinking water by returning ‘Life’ and vitality which has been lost through the delivery and filtering processes. 

The Aqualizer 13mm, alike all of ourwater improving products, does not need any maintenance or replacement, need no power or electricity and last for 5 years

The “Energetic Water Revitalizing Bottle” is a dedicated unit for when you are on the move.
Enjoy and benefit from Living Water “on-the-go” with the Energetic Water Revitalizing Bottle.
Simply fill it wherever you are with your water and let it revitalise your water when you are out.
Using the same technology as our other remarkable Living Water products the Spring Revitalising Water Bottle is a great addition to your life-enhancing tools.

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