Sunday, March 18, 2012

Women's Puff Hairstyles.

The puff, or pouf or pompadour, is an easy and versatile hairstyle favored by both celebrities and everyday women alike. There are many variations, including a front puff with a ponytail or a bob style with a front puff for volume. The style can also be adapted for nearly any type of hair, including straight, wavy, curly or kinky, and requires minimal styling. To prepare, gather a comb, brush and lightweight gel or hair spray

Creating a Puff on All Hair Types

  • 1. To prepare for this style, it will depend on what look you would like, and what your hair type is.
    2. For straight and wavy textures, begin with freshly blow-dried hair. Section off the strands that will go into the puff and spray with a lightweight, non-flaky hair spray.
    For curly and kinky textures, run a warm flat iron through your strands prior to styling. Use a holding gel on the edges of your hair, and brush the gel through for a smooth effect.
    3. The most common form of this style is a ponytail set off with a low, front puff. To begin that style, part your hair from ear to ear. Use a hair clip to fasten the back section. Comb the front section over your forehead, so that the strands fall over your eyes.
    4. Thin or straight hair will need a little help to get the desired height, so use a medium-tooth comb to tease your strands and create texture. Flat-ironed curly and kinky hair will need to be combed to ensure a smooth result.
    5. To form the actual puff, carefully fold the front section of hair back and over the crown of your head, but do not flatten. Use hairpins to secure the height.
    6. Once the shape is in place, you can use your hands or a comb to increase or decrease height, or to smooth out unwanted bumps.
    7. Remove the hair clip in the back of your head to begin styling the ponytail. Either spritz hair spray on this section for hold, or use a gel to tame tresses. Brush the hair around your nape upward and form a ponytail with your hand, incorporating any leftover strands from the puff. Secure the hair with a ponytail holder or clip.
    8. Another variant of the style is to leave the hair hanging down, but slightly tease the crown area for a puff effect. For that style, begin with either freshly blow-dried or flat-ironed hair.
    9. Comb the hair straight down with a wide-tooth comb for a smooth look.
    10. Section off a small piece of hair at the crown that you will use for the puff. For thinner and straighter textures, spritz with hair spray before using a medium-tooth comb to tease a few inches of volume. Use your hair to push the hair up while applying more hair spray for extra hold.
    11. Courser, naturally textured hair should be sectioned off at the crown before applying a bit of gel at the edges for smoothness. Use a small-tooth comb to comb the hair over your forehead before combing back over your crown, spritzing a non-flaking-holding spray over the hair at the same time. Hair-colored hairpins may be applied for additional hold.

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