Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cowboy and Cars, Badlands.

Some kinds of photography require more specialized techniques and equipment than others. Whether you want to shoot fireworks, colorful species underwater, or terrain from a low-flying aircraft, knowing your subject and preparing for the challenges it presents is critical. In this gallery, see how technique and imagination can be combined to create striking imagesCars pass a cowboy on horseback and a rock formation in this time exposure photograph.

Oktoberfest, Munich

I took this picture at Oktoberfest, a festival held each year in Munich, Germany, from September to the first days of October. That evening the sunset was spectacular, with magic colors, and the following "blue hour" was also amazing. I was happy to visit that place and to be one of the six million tourists who attend every year! 


 At night, there are often sources of light in the frame that can fool the meter. Bracket your exposures to be sure you have the shot you want. 


: Long lenses give you a big solar disk at sunset. Similarly, a telephoto will keep the moon from being a tiny white spot in the sky. 

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