Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion granny's..

This is a heart-shaped stawberry in the hand of my grandmother. Love is the message.;-)

Ghost from the Earth

This photo was taken in the Upper Antelope Canyon near Page (AZ) and it's shows the amazing effect of the sand thrown in the air and struck by the rays of the sun. 

An extraordinary display of spring frost covering everything in sight. This particular image of a frosted fence with a backdrop of a blue metal dumpster from a construction site was taken in late-March of 2011. 

Made during a visit to the botanical garden in Porto, Portugal 

A glimpse into the eyes of a hunting Leopard is revealed as we share a moment in time through the cover of surrounding foliage. 

As our ferry departed the city of Kavala, Greece, towards the town of Thassos, a flock of seagulls tailed us far out to sea, each bird with the greatest of precision dived inches from the waves below attempting the catch food thrown from the ferry 

This rather disturbing sight of a dead Flamingo on the shores of the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia reminds us on the beauty and vulnerability of Nature and the impact of us Humans. The numbers of Flamingos living near the Uyuni Salt Flats has dramatically declined over the last years, due to a rapid increase in Tourism and a lack of sensibility of the locals. The exploitation of natural recourses, such as Lithium, near the salt flats might mark an end for many species in the years to come. 

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