Friday, March 23, 2012

Women and Hair Healthy.

Do you let other people touch your hair? Or, do you politely tell them not to?
Does it depend on how well you know that person or do you just cringe at the thought of anyone touching your hair?

Are you looking for ways to add more shine to your hair? Try a cold water rinse!
Thirty seconds under cold running water will help seal the cuticles on the hair shaft, trapping moisture into the hair and creating that beautiful hair commercial shine.
It also constricts the opening of the sebaceous glands to help moderate sebum production.
It's the perfect addition to the Deep Conditioning/No Trimming Challenge starting September 1st. Join the over 280 challengers

Have you ever asked another women about her hair and got the cold shoulder? Have you tried to share advice and been written off as crazy or obsessed?
What is it about women and hair? Why don't we share advice and tips? Why is it always a secret?
Why is it when we talk about make-up, fashion and business, we are open and ready to learn..but when it comes to hair, the conversation is cut short?

Where do you like to buy your hair products?
Do you prefer to order them online, shop at chain store like Sallys or buy from your neighborhood beauty supply store?
Is it more for convenience, customer service or overall ambiance?

I love this comb! It hangs nicely in the my shower and is perfect for distributing conditioner or detangling hair, especially under running water.
After using this, I can step out of the shower well conditioned and tangle free. Perfect for natural divas and women with thick hair that is usually hard to detangle. I also recommended for any of the ladies on the/

How have your friends reacted to your hair journey so far?
Have they become interested in healthy hair too or do they seem a bit skeptical?
Do you find them incorporating some of your tips and techniques or do they resist your advice and suggestions?

A good rule of thumb is to start by analyzing your own hair. If your hair feels relatively healthy and your aren’t experiencing any significant breakage, thinning or dryness, then try to incorporate both moisture and protein into your regimen. This will help ensure that your hair remains strong yet moisturized and soft 

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