Sunday, March 4, 2012

Giant Traveling Maps.

Photo: Students on Pacific Ocean Map

National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps are enormously entertaining and educationally powerful tools for introducing geography and map reading skills to students, grades K-8.
What better way to teach young people the power of maps and the limitless depth of geography than a basketball court-sized map of a continent on which they can explore, travel from country to country, hop around, compete, collaborate and have lots of fun?
National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Maps, produced by National Geographic Live, tour the country’s schools, bringing hands- and feet-on geography education to hundreds of thousands students each year. Designed to promote geographic literacy by igniting interest in geography, the maps and accompanying activities incorporate physical movement and games to teach students place names, physical geography, and cultural geography as well as map reading skills.
These floor maps of AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaSouth America, and the Pacific Ocean are available for loan, each accompanied by a complete teacher guide, activities, game props, and educational

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