Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrity Hairstyles.

Alternative Short Wavy Hairstyles

Alternative short wavy hairstyles are unusual, daring, bright, fun, avant-garde, and exaggerated. Often anything goes with an alternative hairstyle: the crazier the better. Short wavy looks vary from top-heavy wedge shapes to unusual barrel twists. These are usually in very bright, dark or light colors for extra intensity, but beware that wild colors may damage your hair (particularly when stripped out or re-colored).

This flamboyant hairdo is best suited for the brave. The sides and back are slicked back and flat to the head, leaving the top out to be dressed up and out showing off the combination of golden tones added for color contrast. This versatile hairstyle will need strong hold products. 

This short and funky hairstyle is styled into waves through the top and smoothed down around the sides and back to give this style a contrasted look and feel. This is easy to achieve with the right products and will be best suited for those with round face shapes. 

This fab 'do is best suited for the bold and brave. The sides are cut asymmetrically to achieve an uneven look which will suit any long face shape. The shorter layers through the top enhances the waves and adds height for a brilliant finish. 

Big and Bold is what this hairstyle is all about. The back is tapered into the neck for a clean edge, while the top and side layers are jagged cut to create maximum texture. Different shades of copper were added all over for a fiery finish. 

This bold hairstyle is best suited for those looking for a wild hairstyle to turn heads. The sides have been cut unevenly to create this asymmetric look for a wicked finish. If that's not enough to turn heads, then the brilliant color will do the trick .

This amazing look is dressed in waves and teased at the roots to achieve maximum height and body. The bangs are smoothed out to add contrast and shows how versatile this style can be.  

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