Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion of boys HairCuts.

You can cut your long hair in layers if you want to adopt long hairstyles for mens. In this particular haircut, the hair is cut at different length from different side. It helps to prevent the puffy hair around the eyes and as a result it can be worn very comfortably. You can look hip, wild and polished in the layer cut depending on your mood and attire. It is not limited by any texture. The layers are generally kept short in the front and they gradually increase in length towards the behind.
The style adopted by Shahrukh Khan in “Asoka” is a good example of the same.

Some people have natural curls whereas some like to induce curls to look good in long hair. You can either have dense or light curls. The hair can be cut in such a manner that the curl can start right from the front but this style is not suggested for people with big face structure. Such people should choose curls that can be present at the end of the hair. Even men with straight hair can induce curl in their hair by using curling iron and proper hair product.
Hrithik Roshan has fashioned light curls now and then in his hair cuts.

Your hair should be cut on the sides at about 1 inch in length and gradually increased in length toward the top back part of the head. This should be specifically known by your hairstylist so that the proper cut can be made out of it. The longest hair should be present in the front that can be 3 to 4 inches long. A styling cream can be used for properly placing the hair of side portion. After that the hair need to be combed in the top and in the back. Twisting the hair in miniature section is also suggested to look different.
This style was worn by John Abraham in the past.

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